How do I save?

Typically, when selling a home,  the total commission offered is split between the  listing agent and the buyer’s agent, with a total commission of 6%.  Soldvy replaces the listing commission fee of 3% with a low 1%, saving you $$$$$$!

Do I still pay buyer's agent commission?

Yes.  This helps to ensure the proper interest in your home, with the ultimate goal of a faster sale at your desired price.  Your listing will provide 3% to the buyer’s agent, for a total commission fee of 4%.  

When do I pay the 1% Listing Fee?

You will pay $0 upfront.  Commission fees are paid at closing.  

What is the first step?

Contact us.  We will provide you with a list of recently sold homes in your neighborhood to assist in accurately pricing your home.  We then handle the sale — listing through closing.  

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